Our older adults are at high risk, especially post-COVID-19. This pandemic has led to self-isolation and social distancing, heightened risk of loneliness and increased dependency on care givers.

ViKi is helping seniors limit their potential exposure to COVID-19 by immediately connecting them to their caregivers for medical assistance and care coordination while practicing social distancing through the communication tool of the ViKi app.

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  • Engages seniors with AI-based conversations to combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Ensures Careplan adherence for seniors living in isolation.
  • Enables continuous conversations with caregivers and family members.
  • Collects vitals, as well as the physical and emotional well-being of seniors to assess needs.
  • Provides a social isolation assessment.
  • Provides an AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Medical Care

EMR Integration

To drive care plan adherence and help patient stay on track with their medication and daily activities.

Caregiver Voice Dictation & notes integration with EMR

Records sessions with caregivers that become part of a patient’s EMR for future reference. Manage Care Plan progress.

IoT based Integration with Wearables and other Med Devices

Detects anomalies and send alerts (fall detection) in case of emergencies; provides remotes assistance and real time diagnostics.

Application based Monitoring

Monitor care plan adherence and diseases management smart phone application.

Emotional & Lifestyle Care

ViKi Portal for Friends and Families

Dashboard that gives access to all data of the patient. Enables viewing invoice history, and pay invoices.

IoT based home automation

Voice-enabled, Viki aids in smart devices (security sensors, lights, fans, pet monitors) activation.

Concierge Services

Provides support services like facility maintenance, medicine refill reminders to calling cabs & food ordering.

AI driven Sentiment Analysis for Personalized Lifestyle services

Enables video calls, getting news updates, finding music, games and other entertaining activities.

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