Innovation Lab

Our 2-week Digital POC Factory approach brings together people, domain and technology to help accelerate the path to success. We have developed more than 130 pre built, demo ready prototypes for several industry use cases.

Clients in early stages need to determine where and how to begin their Digital journey.

The 2-week-Digital-POC-Factory helps them determine which ideas are worth moving forward

The Factory is a combination of Tech experts, Industry domain experts, 3rd party tools and AiRo’s accelerator tools

Innovation Lab

Engagement Steps

Unlocking Intelligent Innovation

Realize your ideas quickly, experiment faster, and stay ahead of the curve.

Engagement Differentiators

Rapid Implementation

Turn your idea into a proof of concept within 2 weeks.

Plug-and-play Solution

Pre-built solutions with reusable components, no need to provide any system access or sample data

Extensive Domain Expertise

Consulting team and architects carry extensive domain expertise around different industry verticals, emerging technologies and tools