VIKI @ Collaborative Care and Health Innovations Summit (CCHIT) Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland June 23 – 25, 2019

Jun 19, 2019

Emerging technologies are helping us to devote lot more time for care and wellness of our elderly. ViKi is a Voice-first platform designed by AiRo Digital Labs LLC, focused on improving Seniors care and wellness. It can create a complete physical, social and mental wellness ecosystem for their support and help them overcome loneliness with constant communication and engagement.


AiRo Digital Labs is one of the partners for CAST (Center for Aging Services Technologies), aligned with their cause, and Mr. Dev Singh (CEO) is a member of CAST Commission at Collaborative HealthCare Summit in partnership with LeadingAge.'


Key Discussions:


• Active care management for seniors.

• Emergency management and maintenance concierge for seniors.

• Various benefits to HealthCare Provider and Payers.

• Seniors Community Learning & Engagement and more.


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Collaborative HealthCare Summit:


The Collaborative Care & Health IT Innovations (CCHIT) Summit is the premier health IT conference for executives and information technology leaders from LTPAC sector, as well as acute care providers, payers, and technology vendors serving the older adult and individuals with chronic conditions throughout the continuum of healthcare.


About AIRO & VIKI:


AiRo Digital Labs is an award-winning Chicago-headquartered, Digital 2.0 consulting firm, which is one of the fastest-growing leaders in the fields of Cognitive Automation, Traditional RPA, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning, Industrial IoT and other AI technologies. AiRo Digital Labs partners with clients in industries such as Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Hi-tech, and Retail / CPG to accelerate their business transformation by using emerging technologies.


VIKI is the first-ever 24/7/365 Voice-AI companion for Seniors, using a combination of Voice Technology with AL, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing, to bring the best of these technologies to the Senior Living sector, along with Remote Patient Monitoring. It offers various amazing features such as Voice-based interaction with the back-end EMR for Care Management, Voice-based dictation for the nurses, Voice-IoT integration with the wearables for remote monitoring and real-time diagnostics, Emergency assistance, Lifestyle and Entertainment profiles, Concierge and Home Automation Services, and many others.


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