Today the focus in on devices associated with preventive healthcare: Nitin Gera, Airo Digital Labs

Apr 13, 2021

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Nitin Gera, Co-founder and global operations head, Airo Digital Labs, to know more about the expanding market associated with wearable devices in healthcare.

Preventive Health care: Impact of digital intervention

I think that is the way the whole healthcare industry would focus more on the individuals, lay their responsibility of healthcare on individual doorstep. So each one of us have to look at how we are able to upkeep our health, upkeep the health of our family and friends using technology. Examples would be wearable, smart watches, smartphones, smart jewellery, smart clothes. We can also look at how smart phones are enabling us to take control of our health and betterment. As an example, one way we could look at things, or one futuristic or current scenario is wearing a smart watch, it gives me alerts, the pulse rate going beyond normal, it gives me an alert, my family would get notified, my physician would get notified and all of these can look at what’s wrong with me, am I in the need of an emergency health, or am I doing something that I’m not supposed to do, running on a polluted road in the city. A lot of these things, technology would enable, technology would allow people to take charge of their day to day activities. Whereby, Healthcare instead of being thought about as an activity when we visit a doctor or a hospital would become a day to day routine activity for us.

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