Automation Anywhere Genius Bot Challenge

Mar 25, 2019

AiRo Digital Labs named in the TOP THREE Winners of Automation Anywhere’s Genius Bot Challenge, New York, 05/29/2018


Chicago, IL: In the month of May 2018, AiRo Digital Labs participated and won one of the top three awards in the Genius Bot challenge thrown by the world’s largest Robotic Process Automation Platform company, Automation Anywhere ( The results were announced at Bot Games, held the day before Automation Anywhere’s Imagine conference in New York, which was attended by more than 1,100 partners and customers.


Many end-users and partners submitted entries for the competition to build bots using the Automation Anywhere RPA platform – Automation Anywhere Enterprise. The challengers were large IT consulting organizations, many mid to small tech firms, and customers of Automation Anywhere. AiRo Digital Labs took on the challenge and built a bot for an end-to-end New Employee Onboarding Process and went on to win one of the top three awards in this Genius Bot challenge


On this occasion, Automation Anywhere’s EVP and Global Head of Partnerships, Mr. Anubhav Saxena said ”It was great to see so many engaged participants in our first Bot Games event. We are pleased that our partner AiRo Digital Labs made it to the winners podium with a bot that can bring much needed productivity improvements to the HR onboarding process.” Dev Singh, the CEO of AiRo Digital Labs said “We are proud of our RPA partnership with Automation Anywhere and look forward to delivering great value to our clients together. This is a wonderful validation of the work we are doing in our Digital 2.0 labs and I am grateful to our team that worked really hard to achieve this win”.


The AiRo HR Emplyee Onboarding Bot can be customized across different HR environments with varying degrees of complexities. It interfaces across HR, Admin & Facilities, IT, and other external entities such as background checks, drug tests, regulatory forms, and policy documents and is integrated with eSignature tools such as DocuSign. It creates user accounts on AD, UNIX, Linux, O365, and other internal and external customer authorized applications. This bot can be configured to onboard contractors, temporary staff, offshore staff, and seamlessly automates a majority of the tasks. It can also be configured for international adoption across different regulatory and compliance requirements and integration points.


This bot was chosen because of its focus on customer experience (new employee and HR onboarding specialist) as well as its ability to connect across complex systems to solve a very complex problem. The bot enables outstanding new hire experience, reduced manual labor for HR and IT personnel, process accuracy & adherence and an overall reduction of about 50% in labor costs and 75% in average time to handle new hire onboarding globally.


About AiRo Digital Labs

AiRo Digital Labs is headquartered at Chicago with delivery centers across India and Vietnam. Airo is focused 100% on Digital 2.0 Emerging Tech Consulting Services. Airo’s customers include Fortune-2000 companies and the core offerings include Intelligent Automation, Cognitive and NLP enablement, VR/AR and IoT enablement. AiRo is an Employee-First company since we believe that happy employees leads to happy customers. Visit us at


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