Our CEO & Founder, Dev Singh is speaking at the Future of Health Event

Mar 03, 2021

AiRo Digital Labs, one of the fastest-growing leaders in the field of emerging digital technologies, is now the proud participant in the Future of Health conference to be held on March 11. Dev Singh, CEO & Founder, AiRo Digital Labs, is a panelist in this much awaited conference this year.


AiRo’s partnership with Chicago Innovation started with AiRo becoming a bronze sponsor earlier this year, preceded by a strong prior participation across Chicago Innovation events in the past few years.


The panel includes eminent healthcare leaders who will be discussing innovation, adoption of healthcare technology, pharmaceutical distribution and other topics anticipated to have significant impact on healthcare in the next few years.


"I am excited on being invited as one of the speakers at the Future of Health conference. This year, more than ever, the focus has to be on the future of health. I am excited about discussing potential possibilities of a more efficient, more patient-centric healthcare system with my other panelists" says Dev Singh, Founder & CEO, AiRo Digital Labs.


This partnership with Chicago Innovation further enables AiRo to build on their mission to deploy advanced technologies towards the betterment of the way humans work. With the aim to provide enterprises intelligent tools to solve everyday problems which have massive impact, AiRo is set to help organizations unlock untapped potential and improve business decision making.


AiRo Digital Labs is already a category leader in the area of healthcare automation. This partnership with Chicago Innovation will enable it to further the discussion around the need for automation in healthcare. 

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AiRo Digital Labs is a Chicago headquartered, global tech company, focused on digital convergence with enterprise systems. It is one of the fastest growing leaders in the fields of intelligent automation, machine learning, natural language processing, conversational AI, and industrial IOT. AiRo Digital Labs partners with clients in industries such as healthcare, pharma and life sciences, manufacturing, hi- tech and retail / CPG to accelerate their business transformation by using emerging technologies.