Intelligent Automation and Operations

IA improves operational efficiency by completing tedious, repetitive digital tasks. Data-driven business functions such as HR, F&A, and IT exist in companies across industries, and pretty much any company in any line of business can benefit by looking at automating these horizontal processes.

We help organizations to reduce their OpEx and shorten closing cycle leveraging IA. We utilize IA’s power, flexibility, and value to digitally transform the day-to-day business operations which is truly game-changing and offer a very high ROI over the long term. AiRo Digital Labs’ helps scale your business to grow and enhance customer service without deploying any additional resources.

Cognitive + RPA applied to create value for your Processes and Operations

RPA is typically seen as the starting point for the deployment of artificial intelligence in organisations

Our Services

IA Strategy & Feasibility Assessment

  • Align automation program with enterprise goals & objectives, cost & compliance, to delivering better service to your customers
  • Gaining firsthand knowledge via automation feasibility analysis & suggest right fit automation tool
  • Identify opportunities for automation & build the automation book of work with a plan for early successes & maximum value

IA Implementation (BOT Creation & Deployment) & Support

  • Our implementation methodology adopts a transformational, process redesign approach to achieve maximum benefits from IA, including project management, setting up support infrastructure, knowledge transition & managed services for BOT maintenance.
  • Include use of indigenous IA toolkit to fast-track implementation, ensure minimum handoffs, function independent templates and real-time analytics for project health, success measures & benefits reporting.

POC with AiRo’s Digital Expeditor Lab

Explore new sources of value creation and prove the ROI of RPA implementation with a POC project