The story goes back to 2015 when our founders were all living their separate corporate lives, though they were all feeling the advent of new era of technologies capable of changing landscape of the organizations forever. Big data, advanced analytics, Social media etc. were being talked about as disruptors to the revenue models and business processes, bringing anxiety as well as opportunity for change.

Sometime towards end of 2017, Dev realized that the impact of these new age, “Digital” technologies was beginning to take affect but there were not enough technology partners on this path! He saw this impact firsthand in the Healthcare and Manufacturing industries and decided to jump in and address this unaddressed need for customers. Thus, was born AiRo Digital Labs, with a mission to “enable innovation through Digital 2.0” for the customers; getting their businesses ready for faster growth and stronger future!

The name AiRo was derived from combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RO (Robotic Process Automation) both of which were seen as the true impact making technologies. “AiRo” in Greek means “To Elevate” which explains the purpose of our company well, aptly chosen as our tagline! The AiRo logo, designed by Dev’s daughter, is an interesting piece visual creativity. The dot of “I” is a comet which is on the verge of taking off to the skies, symptomatic of a transformation journey for our clients into an uncertain but exciting future! The vertical bar in “O” brings all the energy of comet to its fruitful destination! In short, AiRo helps businesses elevate their level and become future ready.

The entity formed now required in expertise in technology, delivery, presales and a team of mentors who could see the future and show the path to the invisible. So, in the initial months of 2018, lots of energy was spent in bringing the management team and advisory board together. This core group set up the DNA of the company; of innovation led technology to solve industry’s pain points in Digital Transformation.

As a bootstrapped startup, the initial days were tough, but we earned our first client engagement within first 2 months. Right after, a big boost to the whole setup came in April 2018, when we received the “Bot Genius” award among 1000+ entries in New York. Both these accomplishments validated that we are in the right space and direction! Never looking back, we pledged to move forward with stronger determination to setup the foundation of a great organization that we all can be proud of!

As 2018 ended, we had many more clients, bigger pool of AiRo family, and technology partners across US and India. We also got seed funding along the way, which gave us the industry credibility of a “growth mode company” as against a “startup”. We are being counted amongst some of the most high-growth companies in our space, having made our 1st Million in the 1st year itself! There’s still a long way to go, and we feel very excited about our future, as our teams across the world help our clients to ELEVATE their businesses!