Medical Devices ecosystem which has OEMs, start-ups, Tech giants and Universities has its unique set of challenges and opportunities. While the changing business environment is struggling with stringent regulations, the need to cut down costs and compete on price, it also has unprecedented opportunities for growth through piggybacking on technological advancements.


Reduction in Product development
Life Cycle through IoT implementation​

$8.2 Million​

Annual cost savings​


Greater Time-to-market​


Efficiency gains​


Product Life Cycle Optimization

Manual and labor-intensive processes can add time and expense to product life cycle. Our Digital 2.0 solutions help getting rid of legacy/ manual methods and reduce product development life cycle

Connected Medical Devices

We offer medical device manufacturers a set of ready to use portable features for device remote control and monitoring, OTA updates, and data collection

Document management

Archive data electronically, manage medical records and document storage, complete audit trail throughout the sales ordering process

Medical Device Complaint Handling​

We offer to assess, implement, and improve complaint handling process utilizing Digital 2.0 technologies


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