Healthcare Payers, who found themselves constrained by aging IT systems hampering their ability to innovate, respond to customers, and improve operational efficiency, have recognized and embraced Digital Technologies to generate the most transformational impact.​


Payer Enrolment agents reassigned to higher value tasks​


Average reduction in manual labor during the open enrolment season​

3 Months​​​

For end-to-end automation of business-critical processes​


Saved annually for a Payers’ Enrolment Process during open enrollment season​

Claims Management

Quick customer service through automated claims processing, Electronic Data Interchange processing, smart chatbots, Analytics

Payer Analytics​

Predictive analytics can help mitigate financial risks while aiding in in personalised medicine and chronic diseases management

Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention

Predict fraud through data mining solutions

Health and Wellness Management

Population segmentation, identification of at-risk population, lifestyle risk assessment & profiling and much more

Online Reputation Management

We specialize in providing Online Reputation Management (ORM) services that help build trust in your organization

Member Enrollment Process

We understand the risk points in the enrollment process for new providers, members, and have robust mitigation techniques to manage them


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