A Digital Highway
To Tech-celerate Outcomes

We bring about the digital disruption required to transform healthcare organizations.
Whether they are providers or pharmaceuticals, we bring value by radically converging technology
across processes to create greater patient outcomes and improve business performance.


Smart Enterprises Are The New Normal

Be more than a follower. Be an early adopter. Embrace cognitive computing,
predictive analytics, and other AI advances in healthcare to transform
patient experiences. Let’s enable your systems to learn incoming data,
identify patterns, and make smart decisions for patient care.

Cognitive Vision
Cognitive Vision

Enabling intelligent image classification and
smart data capture

Augmented Intelligence
Conversational Intelligence

Introduce AI capabilities and ML-driven reinforcement learning to assist
with decision making

Conversational Intelligence
Augmented Intelligence

Advanced cognitive capability leveraging iterative analytics and intelligence to make decisions

Data-Driven Intelligent Enterprise
Data Driven Intelligence

Real-time learning and decision-making leveraging interactive analytics and intelligence

Data for AI

Driving Everything From Data To Care

In healthcare, heterogeneous and voluminous medical data have become available
across the care ecosystem (payers, providers, pharmaceuticals and life sciences).
AiRo helps in mining this data for deriving insights, improving care
delivery and helping in decision-making.

Data Strategic Advisory
Data Strategic

Data strategy to prepare for AI deployment, tools advisory, data analytics roadmap, and data consolidation

Data Sciences
Data Science

Data analytics for marketing, risk assessment, sales performance, online reputation management, and customer journey optimization

Data Engineering solutions
Data Engineering

Custom solutions for data warehousing, data lake design and implementation, data pipeline for machine learning, and data quality management

Data Governance
Data Driven

Design and deployment of data governance solutions to implement enterprise policies and compliance requirements

Cloud Enablement and hosting services

A Goodie Bag Of Flexibility
And Experience Driven Capabilities

Cloudify your business as it fits your budget and processes. We help you select the right-fit
cloud solution and support with our advisory role for optimized
cloud operations - migrations to application developments.

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Strategy & Enablement
Strategy And Enablement

Strategy for cloud readiness, data architecture, disaster recovery, devOps workshop

Migration Services
Migration Planning

Migration planning and design, migration execution, load testing

Application Transformation
Application Transformation

DevOps consulting, devOps engineering, container enablement, staff augmentation

Data Modernization
Data Modernization

Big data platform, application and integration, complex data migration

Security And Governance
Security and Governance

Consulting architecture, security penetration testing, compliance assessments and alignments, engineering resource