Automation in Patient Registration reduces Intake time to 15 seconds

A large hospital offering state-ofthe-art diagnostic services used AiRo’s Smart Appointment Scheduling and Registration Solution to streamline frontoffice support and enhance patient experience


According to HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems and Society), it costs nearly $250 billion to process 30 billion healthcare transactions each year and 86% of mistakes in Healthcare industry are administrative. Automation can streamline various frontoffice processes with potential time savings of 1 minute per transaction.


The Healthcare provider based in US, was facing various challenges in synchronization of patient information from various external and internal sources of medical history, efficient medical staff utilization and poor customer satisfaction due to long hold hours.


Patients often schedule appointments online and providers need to collect personal information, medical history and insurance details in registration process. The process becomes more tedious when the registration happens over the counter. Also, the appointments must be aligned with different doctor’s schedules. In case a physician is not available to attend to appointment, the hospital staff needs to inform the patient before hand. They also need to minimize no shows to ensure optimum number of patients are attended each day. This makes appointment scheduling a complicated task.


Smart Appointment Scheduling and Registration Solution


Converging digital technologies such as OCR, RPA and ML modelling, AiRo has developed a unique solution to simplify patient appointment scheduling and registration of new patients. It facilitates scheduling through Hospital’s website portal according to diagnosis, location, doctor availability etc. It sends automated reminders to patient for appointment confirmation via text/email and notifies the user when doctors are unavailable for their appointment. The solution also helps in managing the medical database by adding personal details, medical records etc.


When a user enters details in Hospital Website Portal, the system prompts to check for new user sign up or existing user login. In case of New users, system collects patient information, prepares a consolidated report and shares with the hospital for verification. The existing users are required to fill MRN number, insurance details, purpose of appointment, preferred slot etc. System verifies data and checks physician’s calendar for availability. It sends out automated reminder 24 hours before the appointment via email and text for confirmation or rescheduling. It also notifies the user when doctors are unavailable for their appointment.


Smart Eligibility Verification Solution


Implementing Intelligent Automation can increase the efficiency of the workflow by improving coordination of activities. It increases satisfaction for both the patient and healthcare professionals.


The solution can also be extended to monitor post discharge guidelines. It can send reminders to patients about prescription pick-ups or an upcoming appointment. It can provide assistance if a patient requires additional information.


A coordinated and streamlined appointment scheduling and management process not only helps in gaining patient trust but also significantly impacts the revenue cycle performance. While entering payment options, the patient can be informed about potential programs for which he/she may be eligible. They can be advised to bring needed documents for verification, minimizing rejections and mapping end to end patient payment history.


Patient misidentification costs the average clinician close to 30 minutes in wasted time per shift and contributes to 35 percent of all medical claims being denied, which is an estimated loss of $17.4 million per year per hospital, according to research by The Ponemon Institute. RPA brings down error rates substantially.


Today's Scenario


AiRo has automated various modules of revenue cycle management to improve efficiency and optimize cost. We continue to enhance care management process, utilization intake, clinician credentialing, verify need for prior authorizations, audit ICD10 coding, etc. AiRo Digital Labs enables transformation across the four dimensions of cost, speed, accuracy and customer experience. We apply digital convergence to realize the client’s business vision.


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