Medical Devices
Digital Transformation for New Employee Onboarding Process

The Company is a vertically integrated manufacturer and marketer of health care products. It offers orthopedic products, surgical and acute care products, and wound care products.


Due to its large global presence, the organization has staff working in various locations around the world. The HRO feature manages a number of processes, including talent acquisition, talent management, talent development, employee life cycle, workplace experience, support for compensation and benefits, and HR reporting. Every one of these procedures were made out of a few exercises that were exertion escalated as well as essential for representative fulfillment. Due to the rapidly growing scale of the company, the HR feature faced the task of managing an immense volume of transactions efficiently. This needed to meet the time-critical business needs while compromising neither on standards for quality and compliance nor employee satisfaction.


AiRo researched the HR processes of the company and examined in depth each of its stages to understand the suitability of implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and to minimize the effort involved in dealing with the quantity of the data.


Digital Transformation Journey


The study uncovered a few such procedures that could be effectively mechanized dependent on their volumes, normal dealing with time, and danger of mistake. The organization has given its employees a shift allowance across various time zones to collaborate with international clients in processes. The allocation was calculated by taking the swipe-in / swipe-out timings using several backend systems. This procedure, which was done manually, was time consuming, and the margin of error was high due to the large data set. AiRo developed the RPA bot to read and validate data from multiple backend systems automatically, and to measure the allowance. The bot did so regularly contribute to the payments being clear on time.


Automation of shift allocation led to a 65% reduction in manual effort and an 83% reduction in average handling time (AHT) with zero errors. Record verification for new employees: This process involved cross-checking information such as name, and birth date for each candidate interviewed against a collection of multiple databases, each containing hundreds of thousands of records.


AiRo has configured the RPA bot to get the required details from the input sources, automatically review the details with the backend databases and generate the process reports at the end of the project without any manual intervention. All intermediate reports are reconciled into one final master report that is then automatically submitted to the backend network in a scheduled manner.


The processing of offer letters for the selection of new employees required a series of steps to be followed specifically for regulatory compliance without compromising accuracy.


AiRo has simplified the entire process and lowered processing time by 90% without breaching administrative measures and regulations.


Company planned training programs need to be blocked along with their corresponding dates and venue information in the new employee's calendars. There was a tremendous amount of manual effort involved, through the error rate and further compliance issues. The HR team sends daily updates to the newly recruited trainees as well as to existing employees as part of the client's training program. AiRo fully automated this mass mailer system leading to a 75% reduction in manual effort.


Today's Scenario


Once workers understand their goals from the start, the moment they start to work they perform better. The average turnover for first-year hires is 13 percent, largely attributable to inadequate on-board processes. That said, hires stay longer and deliver more with a smooth, comprehensive on-boarding, helping reduce the need to invest more recruiting budgets. A successful onboarding process ensures that new hires are well-educated, well-informed – and empowered – regarding organizational goals and objectives. And it's worth keeping well educated, eager-to-perform workers around.


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