Automating inventory management process

AiRo's solution boost efficiency by 67% by automating inventory management

A US based event organizing company was facing problems with trans-shipment issues, inventory mismanagement, stock of missing or damaged goods, and decision making due to the unavailability of real time information about stocks in the warehouse. AiRo helped the client with a fully customizable web-based inventory management application which can be accessed anywhere across the globe. The solution improved business efficiency by 67% and resulted in saving of time and cost.

About AiRo

AiRo Digital Labs is an award-winning Chicago-headquartered, Digital 2.0 consulting firm, which is one of the fastest-growing leaders in the fields of Cognitive Automation, Traditional RPA, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning, Industrial IOT, and other AI technologies. AiRo Digital Labs partners with clients in industries such as Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Hi-tech​ and Retail / CPG to accelerate their business transformation by using emerging technologies.

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