One of the core values of AiRo is giving back to the community. It helps us to become empathetic, understanding, grateful and binds us to work towards a common goal. Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do. It does not give any tangible benefits or recognition, but a sole reward that we have made a positive change in someone’s life and grown as an individual. Whichever way we look at it, giving back to society has profound benefits for both the giver and the recipient. The potential for strengthening people and nations through giving back to society is huge and something that we all need to consider looking into. We focus on two key programs- encouraging girl child literacy and making earth green.

Encourage girl child literacy

Among the low income groups world wide and especially in the developing nations, women and girls are facing a large gap in educational availability and quality, with both school enrollment and literacy rates lower than their male counterparts. Education is the key to the pursuits of upwards mobility and personal agency. AiRO Digital Labs actively keeps seeking opportunities to quench the thrust for education for a girl child and show her the bright side of the world. We are associated with multiple NGOs and charities in India, encouraging enrolment to primary education for all girl children not in school. We hope our small steps can build a better life for girls who are still away from education.

Go Green

Why go Green? Going green is a personal choice and moving towards this goal together can contribute towards betterment of this planet and make this place better place to live for future generations. When we envision a digital future, we do so with gratitude towards out mother earth. We strongly feel that everyone should contribute towards achieving a Green Planet. In Association with various organizations working towards this cause, Airo Digital Labs encourages its employees to take part in eco-friendly activities. We take small initiatives such as volunteering with a local environmental group, creating a printer policy, letting employees telecommute etc.. Small steps together can make a big difference. Think Green, Go Green!