Cognitive Intelligence is essential for social media listening. Beyond detecting insights, it helps capture what matters most to your customer, before you even ask! ​By 2025, an estimated 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology. From chatbots to automation, AI helps brands learn more about their customers to enhance personalization.​

Our Goal is to leverage on deep learning and personality attributes along with transaction data to transform customer engagement​


Social Media mentions being tracked every day​


Product sub-category mentions mapped​


Healthcare brands being monitored today​


Improved budget management following social media insights​

Customer Targeting

Geo-targeting and personalized campaigns with Ml enabled insights on real time progress, visibility and engagement tracking

Brand Protection

Visualize your brand reach through integrated social platform analytics and track customer service cases with a universal dashboard

Integrated Platform Management

Real time monitoring of your social health in a single glance using AI driven marketing platform to integrate CRM, Analytics, Social loyalty, automation, email/SMS notifications etc

Customer Centricity

Hashtag, response and retweets tracking for information campaigns, Plug and Play systems with learning capabilities and ability to transfer to human agents for critical interactions


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