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February 3, 2020
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February 25, 2020

Case Study: Biotechnology

Enterprise-wise Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

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A Top Biotechnology firm in the US accelerated its digital agenda by turning to AiRo Digital Labs for Current State Assessment and Digital Readiness Evaluation.

One of the largest Bio repository organizations of the world, was looking for partner to design and implement a comprehensive digital strategy for sustained business advantage. The outdated manual processes and mundane tasks were affecting performance and profitability, along with wasting precious people resources. To overcome the challenge, an automation roadmap with high level scoping of all organizational processes is essential. This includes industry heatmaps, organizational charts and an understanding of business units to map the processes into automation quadrants for prioritization.

The organization wide assessment identifies complexity level for different processes and potential FTE repurposing. Additional process prioritization factors such as business reasons, regulatory and compliance reasons etc. are also considered to identify quick wins and low hanging fruits for automation. Automating business processes can help in quality improvements, error reduction, productivity gains and cost savings. The bots enable flexibility to scale up and down as required and provide business agility. Page

Digital Transformation Journey

AiRo adopted its RAFD (Rapid Assessment Framework and Development) methodology for process optimization. We believe that biotech firms can benefit from RPA to have better cognitive insight to make decisions quicker. Automating highly repetitive manual processes will accelerate the time to value and unlock the human workforce to focus on critical business-centric activities.

The journey began with RPA due diligence –assessment of in scope business areas, identification and prioritization of processes ripe for automation. Discovery workshops with SMEs were critical for this step. We helped the client estimate benefits of automation through a PoCand then the RPA delivery team mobilized RPA program including structure, methodology, governance etc. An overall RPA Implementation Roadmap and Detailed Plan including Business Case, objectives, timelines, resource requirements, internal & external cost projections & ROI analysis was shared with the client.

We input RPA software bots, cognitive capabilities, and analytics —to automate critical functions within finance and accounting, human resource, IT, QA/RA, customer support, and regulatory compliance functions. For example, cognitive automation can help extract valuable information from forms and convert it into a usable format, making it easier for quickly making decisions.

Innovative biotech and biopharma companies are exploring RPA for life sciences to lead from the front in this golden age of productivity creating employee work satisfaction, new discoveries, and fiscal prosperity.

The clear advantages to RPA are both speed and consistency in data entry, data analysis, quality control, and audit readiness in activities including clinical, regulatory, safety, and lab operations. A faster process also delivers market advantage of avoiding delays and reassigning the human workforce to higher-value activities related to core research and drug development

Today’s Scenario

AiRo helped setting up the customer's CoE and continues to offer consulting services, ensuring new initiatives to reuse or adapt existing bots and code for quicker deployment; we also assist the evolution of the customer towards smart digital workflows, AI-based chat and process mining, holding these initiatives in line with the overall automation strategy and business objectives of the customer.

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